Men Urged Not To Masturbate With Banana Peels

A bizarre new trend has emerged in which men use banana peels to masturbate.

Doctors have warned that the bizarre practice is associated with several nasty side effects.

Speaking to IFLScience, Dr Benjamin Janaway explained: “Apart from being unhygienic and leading to sores and infection, there is a risk of allergy, which could lead to a kind of swelling you probably don’t want.

“Aside from that, there are probably better health benefits from bananas. All in all, would everyone stop making love to fruit.”

Banana peel (Image: OJO Images RF)

Meanwhile, another doctor warned that some men may be unaware of banana allergies that could flare-up.

Dr Diana Gill, from Doctor-4-U, said: “A person with a banana allergy is more likely to be allergic to other substances such as latex or other fruits and vegetables. So if you’re allergic to latex condoms you may also be allergic to banana skins.”

The trend appears to stem back to a post on Reddit, in which an anonymous teen confessed to having used the fruit peel for self-pleasure.

The teen, known only as syrrious, wrote: “In my kitchen, I cut the tip off of the banana, wrapped it in tape to prevent it from breaking, and squeezed the innards out. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, my hollow banana and I went to the bathroom to do the deed.

“If only I could have foreseen the upcoming events. Perhaps then I could have spared myself the pain and humiliation.”

In what sounds like an X-rated comedy sketch, the teen ended up slipping on the banana and hitting his head off the toilet seat.

Thankfully, he wasn’t injured and lives to tell the very strange tale.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time in recent weeks that doctors have warned the public of putting unusual substances in their private regions.

Earlier this month, doctors warned women against putting tobacco in their vaginas, amid claims it ‘boosts their sex drive.’


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