Valentine’s Day Tweets That Hit A Little Too Close to Home

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We know most of you will be gnashing on Val’s Day cuz you still haven’t gotten anyone to love your ugly ass. You’re on social media forming “Men are trash” and “fear women” but the truth of the matter is that no one is moving to you.

You’re almost always fine about that now that Val’s Day is approaching, it’s like the Universe wants to team up with your enemies to laugh at you. LMAOOO!

Don’t be bitter okay. Try laughing at these hilarious tweets that might offer some well-needed perspective this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Well, Val’s Day is in 2 weeks…

2. Maybe, just maybe, the reason why you don’t have a date (yet) is that you’re ignoring everyone in your DMs…

3. Those in relationships aren’t left out. If the guy you’re in a situationship with breaks up with you now, sis… don’t take him back EVER!

4. Ladies in relationships, the guys are tired of the socks and singlets… they beg.

5. But then again, what exactly do you get for a guy on Val’s Day?

6. But you know the fact that you’re in a relationship doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get anything from your SO right?

7. On a more serious note, this is going to be us on Vals Day

8. This might just be our last resort.


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