Eminem Inducts 50 Cent, ‘One of The Best Friends I’ve Ever Known,’ Into Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

image via Twitter/50 cent

An endorsement from Marshall “Eminem” Mathers helped launch 50 Cent’s career nearly 20 years ago, and the Detroit rapper took a trip down memory lane to help induct his friend into Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Thursday.

“Of all the things I don’t remember about 2002,” Eminem joked, “I have a clear memory of the first time I met 50. The charisma and the personality — everything matched the intensity of his music.”

Collaborating with producer Dr Dre helped turn Eminem into a superstar, and their tag-team brought the same level of fame to the rapper formerly known as Curtis Jackson.

“Dre and I knew that if it was going to work on us, it was going to work on the rest of world,” Eminem recalled. “I’m glad we trusted our instincts.”

image via Twitter/ 50 Cent- Dr Dre, 50 Cent and Eminem

Eminem and 50 have collaborated on multiple projects together over the past 20 years, but Eminem emphasized that their friendship goes far beyond music and business

“I’m here today because he’s not only a business partner to me, this is one of the best friends I’ve known in the world,” said Eminem. “He’s always been there when I needed him.”

50 Cent credited both Dr Dre and Eminem for giving him his start in the music industry saying, “I don’t think my career would have been what it was without [their] support.”

But it’s safe to say that after the pair helped him launch his career, he took the ball and ran with it, earning fame (and millions) far beyond the music world as an actor, entrepreneur and an executive producer of network and cable television — indeed, enough to earn him a Hollywood star.

Source: Variety

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