New Motor Insurance Sticker Introduced

The National Insurance Commission has rolled out its new Motor Insurance Database (MID), to replace the manual system.

The new policy which took effect on January 1, 2020, has a comprehensive electronic database to deal with the increasing number of fake insurance stickers in the system.
The new system also enables passengers to use their mobile phones to check whether the commercial vehicles they are about to board, are properly insured.

All you have to do is to enter the number of the car on your phone, even if it is a ‘yam’ phone, and dial a USSD *920*57# and follow the instructions. You can tell if the trotro or bus you are about to board is properly insured or not.

The enhanced ‘look and feel’ of the new motor insurance sticker has a navy blue colour.

Insurance Policies

The objective of the introduction of the MID is to curb the menace of vehicles with fake motor insurance stickers plying the roads, thus, endangering lives and property.

According to the NIC, upon the purchase of a valid motor insurance policy, the insured will receive a text message confirming that the motor insurance policy is authentic.

Meanwhile, the NIC has directed all non-life insurance companies to stop issuing manual motor insurance certificates, effective January 20, 2020.

The directive further advised the general public that any insured who does not receive a notification upon purchase or is issued with the old manual sticker should call the helplines 0302960659 or 0302960696 for enquiries or contact the Head Offices of such insurance companies.

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