Man Jailed For Smoking Weed While In Court For Marijuana Charge

Spencer Boston was a man with a plan.

On Monday, the 20-year-old was in a Tennessee court for a simple marijuana possession charge, CNN reports. As he faced the judge, he began to share his views on the legalization of weed. And to drive that point home, he reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a joint, took out a box of matches, and lit up.

Boston got in a few tokes before the security guard saw what was happening. He was then detained and escorted out of the courtroom. But he had more to say as he was being walked out, turning to the gallery and shouting, “The people deserve better!” The court broke out in laughter.

Boston was subsequently charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession of marijuana. He was also held in contempt of court for smoking. Boston is currently serving 10 days in jail for contempt. After, he will be eligible to post a $3,000 bond and is due in court on April 14—just a few days shy of 4/20.

Marijuana is recreationally legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and the District of Columbia, and Illinois. On Jan. 1, Illinois became the eleventh state to legalize recreational marijuana.

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Source: Complex

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