If These 7 Things Describe Him, He’s Nowhere Near Ready To Be In A Relationship

If you’ve just started dating someone new but your instincts are telling you that something’s not quite right, then it’s important to pay attention to those feelings.

You may actually notice some huge red flags in your partner that, at their most innocent, suggest he may not know how to be a good boyfriend and at their worst, could point to emotional abuse or a toxic relationship down the line.

New relationships can be tricky, and while we all have our own quirks and oddities, there are some red flags to look out for that aren’t just quirks: they could be signs of a toxic relationship.

If your new boyfriend is showing any of the following signs, then it may be an indication that your relationship isn’t going to work out. Instead of idly hoping for the best, if you’re noticing any of these warnings then you may want to jump ship.

Here are 7 huge red flags you need to watch out for that will tell you if you’re in a toxic new relationship:

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