Find Out What The Shape Of Your Butt Says About How Healthy You Are


Women’s butts of all shapes and sizes are wonderful. You laugh, but(t) it’s true! Without our buttocks, there are so many things we couldn’t do.

Wear jeans well? Forget it. Issue a triumphant fart? I think not. Steal the heart of an a$$ man? More like give him nightmares. Sitting? More like laying down on your stomach and dreaming of a better life.

But(t) again — sorry, we can’t be stopped from such dorkiness — butts of all types are more than just useful and humorous flabby appendages and turns out different types of butts can reveal a lot about the state of their owners’ health.

Just call me Detective Butts, because I am on the case!

Here are the 4 most common types of butt shapes and what each means for your health.

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