7 Things Your Android Phone Can Do That iPhone Users Cannot Do

The debate between Android and iOS fans over which platform is better is one I never see coming to an end. Both sides of the argument have their share of talking points, ranging from security and encryption for iPhone users to customization and Google Assistant prowess on the Android side. And they’re almost always valid arguments. 

Right now, I want to highlight some of Android’s strengths that iOS just doesn’t have yet, from your being able to set default apps and use more than one app at a time to being able to completely customize the look of your phone.

Here are my favourite things Android users can do that people with iPhones can only dream of.

Use the apps you want, not the apps Google wants you to use

The option to set Gmail as the default email app on an iPhone is something iOS users have been asking Apple to add for years. Even though Apple added the option to delete its own apps from iOS, you still can’t set a default app. It’s tragic, really.

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Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Android, on the other hand, lets you set Firefox or Opera as your default browser instead of Google Chrome, or set Google’s Messages app as your text messaging app of choice.

It isn’t hard to see which apps have been labelled as default on your Android device: Open the Settings app and go to Apps & notifications > Default apps. To change the defaults, select the app category, such as Phone app or Browser app, and choose from the options.  


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