4 Reasons Your Man Has Trouble Expressing Emotions With You

relationship cheat Closeup of sad young woman in living room with man after an argument

Every relationship ebbs and flows. After the honeymoon period, you’re settling into a routine with each other. The process of getting to know each other thereafter is more probing as you’re peeling back layers.

There may be things you find out about your partner that aren’t exactly easy to accept. Once you fall in love, though, you’ve made the decision to take a journey together.

The commitment seems to be going well until, one day, you realize that conversations are less engaging. He seems withdrawn and distant. When you do talk, it’s a series of one-word responses and mumbles.

You may think he’s distracted. Sometimes, it could be a bout of depression. But for many men, it’s hard to maintain vulnerability and learn how to communicate. It takes a long time to get to a point where we feel completely comfortable sharing the inner parts of who we are.

Culturally, men aren’t encouraged to express different emotions. Although, when you meet someone who you connect with, there’s a natural inclination to share personal stories and experiences.

When a man stops sharing in a relationship, it’s because he has lost a sense of security with his partner. Here are four reasons that explain the possible scenarios for a relationship breakdown and prevent a man from being open about his feelings.

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