Rare Migratory Bird Lands In Kenya From Finland

image via Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has said a migratory Osprey was caught in a fishing net in the western region of the country after covering 6,948km (4,317 miles) from Finland.

The bird was found with some bruises on the leg but appeared healthy although it had lost some weight and was dehydrated, KWS says.

Osprey Image via Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

“The bird’s origin has been established from a refereeing ring on its led whose details show that it was ringed in Finland (Museum Zool, Helsinki Finland, www.ring.ac, M-68528),” KWS said in a statement.

image via KWS

The fish-eating bird was spotted on Monday and delivered to the KWS veterinary department on Thursday.

It will be hydrated, provided with proper diet and monitored for a few days before being released to the wild.

Source: BBC

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