Ditch The Trotro. Here’s Why Buying A Car Is A Good Idea

We are sure you’ve experienced this before. Squeezed in the middle of those 4- seater trotro under the armpit of one man and next to the endless belly of a woman near you.

It is then that it keeps hitting you to keep saving to get your own car and we are here to bring back those memories and encourage you to get it.

Reason #1. Comfort

Why buying a car is always a good idea

No need to try to be flexible while trying to get into a crowded bus and then try to maintain your sitting position as the car keeps bouncing and shaking uncontrollably on rough roads the driver has decided to use to avoid traffic. No need to put up with offensive odours that get stuck in your clothes and you enter the meeting you’re going to smell like fish. Instead, a comfortable seat, your favourite music playing, and a huge space for personal items. For many drivers, a car is a second home, a fortress, in which you can either invite friends, relatives or other companions or be content with peace and quiet in private.

Reason #2. Mobility

Why buying a car is always a good idea

How many times did you delay a trip to your hometown? How often did your friends and you rejected the idea to get out of town for some holidays? With your own car, these are not issues at all. At any moment, it’s possible to dart off and go in any direction, reroute, or stop anytime along the road. 2:0 against public transport!

Reason #3. Safety

Why buying a car is always a good idea

Yes, according to statistics, most people die not in aeroplanes, not in trains, but in car accidents. But such statistics happen to be if to consider the fact that there are many more cars than aeroplanes and trains combined. One way or another, if you choose between a motorcycle, a bicycle, and a car, it is easy to guess which driver of the vehicle has a better chance of surviving an accident.

Reason #4. Saving

Why buying a car is always a good idea

If you’re raising your eyebrows astonished, just think a minute longer about a car as the source of savings that you can’t touch. We’re talking about effectiveness, mood, and energy. Having saved time for a trip to the office, you can manage to do more things, feel excellent physically and morally, therefore, earn more money.

Reason #5. Status

Why buying a car is always a good idea

On one hand, when buying a car, you have new responsibilities ― a legal one (fulfilment of traffic rules) and a financial (service). But on the other hand, increasing responsibility raises your status in society. And the cost of a car will somehow demonstrate the level of your solvency.

Source: yen.com.gh

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