Skip The Red! This Valentine’s Day Try These 7 Sexy Nail Trends Instead


The most romantic day of the year is quickly approaching and it’s time to start planning dinners, gifts, outfits, and of course, beauty looks. Proposals may be coming. We all know red is a colour that attracts people, but there are so many different hues to play with that are just as attention-grabbing.

This year let your nails do the sweet-talking and go with an alternative colour or design for your Valentine’s Day plans, however extravagant or simple. We’re loving so many of the creative nail art trends that are poised to be big for 2020, including these seven beautiful looks we want to try.

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1. Abstract Art Inspired

Mix all the beautiful colours you love into one like a modern-day Jackson Pollock, and let your nails be the canvas.


2. Glass Floral Tips

Tell him or her to save the flower money for dessert because you brought your own. And they’ll last longer than any store-bought bouquet.


3. Neon

Add this fun pop of colour to your nails to remind yourself that summer is around the corner. Kind of.


4. Classic Blue

Give classic blue a unique eye-catching design. You’ll be happy you did if you end up posting photos of a new ring.


5. Heavy Metals

Iridescent, shattered glass, diamond, and crushed chrome nails are super glamorous and always bring the party.


6. Purple Suede

We’re going to see purple nails of all hues this year. Try a matte finish to give it a sexy suede-like texture for your V-day date night.


7. Animal Print

Whether you love leopards, tigers, snakes, or cheetahs, these prints will look fab and sexy in the right polish colours.



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