5 Heat-Free Hairstyles To Try When You Hair Needs A Break

natural hair image source: MYLES LOFTIN

If your hair is limp and you’re experiencing more breakage than usual, you may need to ease up or cut down on how frequently you are using hot tools on your hair.

There are a variety of heat-free hairstyles you can slay without jeopardizing the health of your hair, and braids, top knots, lobs (long bobs), are just a few.

If your hair is longer, consider a top knot or a beautiful braid.

Taking a break from heat styling is the perfect opportunity to accessorize. Headbands, scarfs, and scrunchies are all great items to wear if you are going natural with your hair.

For more styling inspiration, check out the incredible heat-free hairstyles seen on our curl friends below.

  1. Curly Faux Bangs

2. Fierce Faux Hawk

3. Twist Out

4. Rod Set

5. Slick Back

Source: essence.com

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