Lois Damptey: Ghanaian PhD Student To Share Her Research Findings With UK Parliament This March

Lois Afua Okyerewaa Damptey
Lois Afua Okyerewaa Damptey. Photo credit: Lois Afua Okyerewaa Damptey

Ghanaian students excelling in foreign lands and we’re here for it.

It’s a known fact that given the same opportunities, Ghanaian students are able to meet their foreign colleagues on the same intellectual level.

Last year, we told you about Lois Afua Okyerewaa Damptey, the former University of Ghana student who beat lecturers and fellow students to win top international academic awards in engineering.

When she won her awards in February 2019, Lois told Kuulpeeps.com that the award would “help me get more grants to develop my research, I can also use the facility of ICDD anytime I need it for research and I am also getting a cash prize to download scientific journals free of charge.”

“Plus it goes without saying that this award also serves as a boost for empowering women in engineering,” Lois told Kuulpeeps.com at the time.

Well, Lois has done it again, or better put is about to do it on an even bigger platform.

Lois, who is now a PhD student at the Open University, is due to undertake what is arguably the biggest task of her academic life so far.

This March, Lois has been requested to present her research findings on solar fuels and wastewater treatment at the UK House of Commons for #STEMforBRITAIN2020.


Happy Lois, couldn’t believe the amazing news.

“Someone wake me up from sleep, Unbelievable, just a few months in my PhD journey,” she tweeted.

Lois has always been concerned about renewable energy.

Back in February 2019, Lois was researching on finding a suitable material that could convert nonedible Ghanaian oilseeds into biofuels.

…and guess what… it worked… she did find that suitable material.

Her project is vital in using renewable fuels to augment national energy needs.

Congrats to Lois!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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