How Your Failed Relationship Is Actually A Good Thing

relationship cheat Closeup of sad young woman in living room with man after an argument

When it comes to our failed relationships, we only feel the sting of the blow and the emptiness of what was once there. But if you look further, the relationship offers this remarkable enlightenment of showing us our own walls.

We now get the chance to peek into our own limitations and examine how we showed up in that relationship.

Think about your most recent relationship, whether it was your ex-spouse or recent lover. Where were you at the time of your encounter? Not physically, like Starbucks, but where were you emotionally? Were you in need of healing? Were you escaping pain and wanting him to make that pain go away? Was he escaping pain and using you as his elixir?

You will learn that every failed relationship is due to you not being in true alignment with yourself. One can never be harmonious with another if there is no harmony within one’s self.  

So then, we will only continue to rendezvous with the same type of person unless we understand the lesson from the most recent failed relationship.


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