3 Things That Only Happen When You Spend Time Being Single


3. You’ll learn to enjoy being single

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There’s an old saying that you find love when you’re least expecting it, and this can be very true. I’m not suggesting you cut yourself off from dating, but I am saying you should let up on the pressure.

Most of us would prefer to be in a relationship, but in the meantime and while you’re looking, being single can actually be a lot of fun. Relax your foot on the dating pedal and enjoy your single life while you have it.

Spend more time with friends and family, watch what you like on TV, and spread out in the bed as much as you like.

View being single in a positive light and recognize all the many pluses. You’ll find that when you do date with this frame of mind, you’re more laid back and will be more open to different people, as well as coming across as someone who has their life sorted.

Source: yourtango.com

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