People Are Dragging Tyler Perry’s New Movie, ‘A Fall From Grace’ For These Errors

At this point, I don’t know who’s having the harder fall from grace, Tyler’s Perry’s new movie or Tyler Perry himself. Since A Fall From Grace’s release on Netflix on Friday, it’s been getting dragged all over the internet — and the jokes are wild.

 The film marks the writer/director/actor’s first made-for-Netflix feature about a woman who confesses to killing her new husband and a lawyer who seeks to uncover the possible conspiracy at play. Somehow it features iconic actors Cicely Tyson and Phylicia Rashad and is billed as an “ominous,” “suspenseful” thriller by Netflix. Despite Perry’s history of making melodramatic features laced with stereotypical tropes about Black women and overly-preachy themes, the internet seems to have hoped that this streaming deal and his massive new studio would usher in a new era of content. Content that’s fresh, exciting, and won’t leave you scratching your head. But, no. 

Perry previously boasted about filming the movie in just five days, and it shows in A Fall From Grace. Viewers were far from pleased with the result and went to Twitter to air their frustrations. Speaking of air, a few eagle-eyed users started finding editing and continuity errors, which included the drinking and eating of air.

And a camera roll full of screenshots. You can’t make this stuff up. 

Others noticed the um, interesting hair styling. 

Though, many just couldn’t get past the poor pacing, plot, and acting. 

Yikes. Although, one user theorized that maybe all these errors were a part of Perry’s plan.

Source: Refinery29

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