These Are The Designers We Will Find In Mohammed Blakk’s Dream Closet

Mohammed Blakk in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:
Mohammed Blakk in Emergers 2020. Photo Credit:

We all have those designer clothes that we would absolutely love to have in our various closets and Mohammed Blakk is just as excited as we are about these designers.

If he could choose any designer fashion items to be found in his dream closet, these 6 Designers will definitely be in it.

  1. Off White
Image result for off white shoe

2. Adidas

Image result for adidas

3. Louis Vuitton

Image result for louis vuitton men's collection 2020

4. Gucci

Image result for gucci men bag

5. Vetements

Vetements - Black Haute Couture Logo T-Shirt | Haute couture ...

6. Ozwald Boateng

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