Different Looks For Work You Can Explore

Fashion Inspiration from Passiboo, Ama Godson and Edma O. Lawer🇫🇷🇬🇭

Dressing for work can be a tricky line between what your boss considers professional attire and what you want to wear to still look stylish. Let’s face it, knee-length grey skirt suits are out. This is no longer what women want to wear to work and why should they? There are plenty of looks ready and waiting to be put together by you to ensure you walk into the office next week feeling fabulous and looking even better.

Whether you opt for a head to toe business suit or a more casual dress will entirely depend on your individual business’ culture and expectations but ensuring you dress for success is essential.

Things to avoid:

Plunging necklines of any kind, Strapless or too-strappy tops, Sequins or heavy embellishments, Anything midriff-baring, Sheer tops or dresses and Yoga pants (sorry ladies)

One of the most important things about dressing professionally in chic business attire is to get the fit right. The chicest trouser suit can be ruined by choosing a fit that doesn’t suit you, so take the time to choose outfits for work that fit properly and flatter your individual shape.

Stylish dresses are not unprofessional. As long as you choose the right shapes and styles. We hope you get inspiration from any of these styles. (shopittome.com)

  1. A simple white bodycon dress paired with nude heels

2. Blazers make all the difference. And who said chic shades cannot be a good officewear accessory?

3. Don’t be boring with plain suits.

4. Coloured Palazzo pants with equally bright tops.

5. You can explore Menswear too

Which of these do you prefer?

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