Pornhub Responds To Lawsuit From Deaf User With Some Helpful Advice

PornHub website
PornHub website

The PornHub closed captioning lawsuit has gotten a response from the website itself, commenting on the active lawsuit that they allegedly violated the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Earlier this week, it was revealed that a deaf man was suing the popular adult site for not including closed captioning services.

PornHub offers all types of services, but Yaroslav Suris says he can’t enjoy his pornography without subtitles explaining the plot to him. The site, which is also a popular hub for looking up superheroes, has decided to respond to Suris’ accusations.

However, the latest lawsuit almost seems like something ripped from an Onion headline. PornHub’s Vice President Corey Price had this to say in response to the lawsuit.

We understand that Yaroslav Suris is suing Pornhub for claiming we’ve denied the deaf and hearing impaired access to our videos. While we do not generally comment on active lawsuits, we’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we do have a closed captions category.”

There we have it. PornHub does have some videos with closed captioning services.

Source: Movieweb

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