Billionaire Banker To Be Imprisoned for Smuggling $29 Million USD Picasso Painting

Members from the French and Spanish police had seized a 1906 Pablo Picasso painting from the yacht of Spanish billionaire Jaime Botin (with a net worth of $1.7 billion USD to be exact) in Corsica.

Defying court orders to keep the work in Spain, Botin attempted to smuggle Picasso’s historic Head of a Young Woman portrait out of the country — a celebrated work from the master artist’s pre-Cubist “Rose” period which is valued at $29 million USD (Ghs163,699,345.00), as per Arnet.

“Rose” 1906 Pablo Picasso painting

The business magnate, who was formerly the head of Spanish lender Bankinter, was found guilty of contraband in “culturally important goods” and was forced to surrender the work to authorities. Botin acquired the painting back in 1977, and it’s currently in the security of the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid.

Botin now has ten days to appeal his 18-month prison sentence, but a Reuters report notes that the 83-year-old Botin is unlikely to serve the aforementioned prison time due to his old age and the incident being his first-time offence.

Source: Hypebeast

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