Mosquitoes Delay Departure Of An STC Bus For 45 Minutes In Tamale

Inter-City State Transport Company Bus

Some passengers refused to board an STC bus scheduled to travel to Cape Coast/Takoradi from the Tamale STC yard, complaining that mosquitoes had invaded the bus.

Four ladies suspected to be students and who were to sit at the back seat suddenly stormed out of the bus complaining that there were too many mosquitoes there.

They refused to get back onto the bus, insisting something be done about the situation as travelling the long-distance with the mosquitoes would be a nuisance.


Officials of STC apologised to the passengers and brought a can of insecticide to spray the mosquitoes which were seen flying all over the seats inside the bus.

However, the attempt to spray the bus also drew a strong protest from other passengers who claimed they had health conditions and, therefore, would be affected by the insecticide.

That also started an argument, but eventually, reason prevailed and all passengers came down for the bus to be sprayed.

The polemics delayed the departure of the bus as the vehicle which was scheduled to depart at 3 p.m. finally took off around 3:45 p.m.

source: graphic online

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