10 Popular Actors Who Have Never Won An Oscar

An Academy Award is the holy grail for any film actor. While many will claim that it’s “just an honour being nominated,” the truth is that a win can put a huge gold star on your résumé and be a major upgrade to your career. Actors get more bucks for their work once they’ve received a golden statue, not to mention the admiration of their peers and audiences.

While it’s easy to assume most big-name actors with talent have won before, that’s definitely not the case. Here’s a list of industry heavyweights who have yet to take home the big prize.

Robert Downey Jr.

Image result for Robert Downey Jr.

The Marvel superhero has starred in other movies that earned him 2 Oscar nominations, but he is yet to walk home with an award. Sadly, Stark Industries can’t make him one so we have our fingers crossed.


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