Is It Safe To Use Hand Sanitizer? Here Is The Answer

We have been taught since our childhood to wash our hands properly with soap and water to avoid getting sick. Now when we have all grown up, the good old soap and water have been replaced with hand sanitizers, which has become a popular hygiene option among kids these days. Just put a few drops of the liquid on your palm, rub properly and you are done. As simple as that. But what about safety? Have you ever wondered if it is really safe to use hand sanitizer every time?

Know your hand sanitizers

There are a different variety of hand sanitizers available in the market and your choice matters a lot. You will be stunned to know that not all hand sanitizers are the same. As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one should only use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 per cent of alcohol. Non-alcohol based sanitizer is not only less effective in killing the germs but can also be actually harmful to your health. The germs can even develop resistance to such kind of sanitizers.

Moreover, try to avoid the sanitizers that contain triclosan- a synthetic element added to antibacterial products. It has been noted that exposure to a high dose of triclosan can decrease some thyroid hormones making bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

How effective is your hand sanitizer

The effectiveness depends on how you use it. To get rid of germs and bacteria, put a small amount of sanitizer on your palm and rub it over the surface of your hands then let it dry for some time. Do not rinse or wipe your hands after applying it. If applied correctly, an alcohol-based sanitizer can kill at least 99.9 per cent viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Soap vs hand sanitizer

People nowadays are forgetting soap and water to clean their hand and mostly using a sanitizer. But science says that nothing is as good as soap and water to clean your hands for staying healthy. It is encouraged to wash your hands regularly to avoid getting sick and prevent the spread of infection.


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