Ibrah Is Unhappy Government Wants To Investigate Unexplained Wealth


There are a lot of people in town flaunting immense wealth on social media with no real explanation of where they got their wealth from.

Instagram is filled with pictures of people just being vain and showing off their flashy cars among others.

Others too are more low key but are still considered wealthy.

This is contributing to corruption and according to the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, the government would start investigating people with unexplained wealth.

In western countries people are made to explain their sources of income through properly filed tax payment structure.

However, Ibrah who is said to be a young millionaire is unhappy that the government wants to investigate people with what they call “unexplained wealth”.

Posting on his Instagram stories, Ibrah attacked government’s move.

“They couldn’t arrest thieves in their own house but here they are planning to arrest thieves outside their house”, Ibrah said.

“NPP shouldn’t be deceived by the fake lifestyle they see on social media which is making them say they’ll criminalise unexplained wealth,” he said in another Instagram stories post.

“Most of these people are flaunting borrowed cars and some people are also spraying,” he added.

source: Kuulpeeps.com

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