Meet The UK’s Love Island 2020 Contestant Of Ghanaian Descent Mike Boateng

Mike Boateng ©ITV

Twelve more potential partners are jetting out to a luxury villa in the hopes of finding love on Winter Love Island 2020.

This year, that includes Mike Boateng, a 24-year-old former police officer working in Greater Manchester and looking for a serious relationship.

Prior to joining the police force, Mike had a career in football and at one point played for Sheffield United alongside current Everton forward Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

Below is a Q & A interview Radio Times had with Mike Boateng:

What is Mike looking for in a partner?

“Ambitious, a lot of personality and of course beautiful,” he says.

What is a turn off for Mike?

“I can’t stand stinky breath.”

What is Mike’s ideal first date?

“A nice dinner and good conversation. I’m quite old-school, I like to go for walks too where we can talk and get to know each other.”

Mike Boateng

What is Mike’s worst habit?

“Playing with my beard. My mum hates it but I can’t stop doing it. Especially when I’m thinking.”

What is Mike’s definition of the “bro code”?

“Make sure you always tell your bro about what’s going on. Don’t keep him in the dark and also be honest as well. If you’re going to be bros, don’t lie to each other.”

What advice has Mike received from his famous brother?

“He has given me a few tips which I’m grateful for. He’s kind of given me tips on how to act in a way, how to speak to people and what to expect, so I feel like I’ve got an idea of what to expect when I get in the villa.”

source: Radio Times

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