Fans React As Stormzy Shows Up On TV With Slippers

Stormzy accidentally wore slippers to BBC Breakfast show

He may have played Glastonbury wearing a stab-proof vest, but Stormzy opted for a more comfortable outfit when he appeared on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday.

The rapper accidentally forgot to change out of his slippers before he got into a taxi to the studio in Salford.

Maybe his feet were too big for his boots.

“I forgot, I’m an idiot!” he told hosts Dan Walker and Louise Minchin.

“I did a signing in Bristol… then I got in the car. I was like, ‘Ah damn, I ain’t got my trainers!'”

Twitter users loved the slip-up (or should that be slipper up?) with one observing that Stormzy had proved “what every middle-aged white man has known for years: slippers are cool.”

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source: BBC

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