Kickstart 2020 With A Dose Of Bryan The Mensah’s New Single, Medicine

Bryan The Mensah’s talent is undoubtedly obvious. For a young artiste who broke out in 2017, he’s been doing great for himself. In a span of 3 years, the artiste has dropped two EPs and an album.

To start the year right, Bryan dropped a single, Medicine and it’s honestly given us a peek into the rapper’s mind.

He rapped about his dreams, how to make money and how fame is the last thing on his mind while sipping on tea (Because he’s the King Of Tea) over a beat produced by Okaiwav which also sampled Jay-Z’s 4:44 track (we knew that something sounded really familiar!) But just in case you want the original track sampled by both artistes, it’s Hannah Williams & The Affirmations’ Late Nights & Heartbreak.

Bryan’s been rapping about making it and now it looks like he’s definitely found the secret. On Medicine, he talks about all the easy streams of income any young person can utilize especially with the rise of social media and practically scolds every one of us for ignoring money that’s staring us in the face while we cry about being broke every single time.

The King Of Tea started the year with some advice for us and it’s only right that we take it and listen to Medicine here: Bryan The Mensah – Medicine


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