5 Bizarre Weight-Loss Trends

Nowadays people have started experimenting with different diets for attaining their dream physique. Losing weight for some is easier than for others, which has also resulted in people trying different diets. Diet trends have been changing for quite a long time, with people trying everything and anything possible to shed some weight and which has made us witness some bizarre trends over the years.

Here is a list of the weird and bizarre diet trends people have tried to lose weight.

  1. Baby food diet
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The basic idea of this diet is to have a low-calorie intake. People substitute their meals with baby food or used it as a snack. But you have to consume a lot of baby food jars if u ant to substitute your meals with baby food.

2. Juice cleanse

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A juice cleanse diet is a diet that does not involve any solid foods and consists of juices from vegetables and fruits. These cleanses can be very restrictive regarding calories. Due to less calorie intake, this cleanse might result in weight loss but the results can never be everlasting because you can’t survive without calories.

3. Eating in front of a mirror

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Well seeing your progress in a mirror is a different thing but looking at yourself while eating is an entirely weird thing. Nonetheless, the theory behind this trend is that when we consume food in front of a mirror it would make us conscious and result in the consumption of lesser amounts of food.

4. Eating out of a dark blue plate

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The theory behind this colour centric trend is that eating off a dark blue plate would decrease your appetite. You would consume more amount of food out of a light coloured plate than what you would consume out of a dark coloured plate. The probable reason is that the portion of food appears larger on a dark coloured plate compared to food served on a light coloured plate where it just blends in.

5. Raw food diet

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A raw food diet involves consuming plant-based foods that have not been cooked or heated above 46 degrees celsius. The raw food you consume should preferably be organic.

While people are ready to follow any weird trends to shed their weight, they do not realise that the effects will never be long-lasting. The reason for this is that you can not survive your whole life on such bizarre trends. In fact, if you do it will surely have some adverse effects on your health.

Source: timesofindia.com

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