You Need This Evening Routine For Your Skin This Harmattan Season!

If you have dry, dehydrated skin, you already know that finding the perfect skincare routine can mean the difference between a flaky, eternally scaly skin and a comfortable, glowing complexion.

Here are some night time beauty routines you should indulge in to have glowing skin the next morning.

For the night routine,

After the stress of the day and accumulating all the dust on your way home, you need to take care of your skin.

Step1– Remove your makeup. Taking off your makeup is essential before you start your night-time routine. You may use an oil-based cleanser or cleansing oil to remove your makeup. This step helps to dissolve the makeup thoroughly and also replenish your dry skin before you wash it.

Step 2– Once you remove your makeup, you need to wash your face. Use a gentle water-based cleanser to wash your face and remove all traces of dirt.

Step 3– Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Exfoliating or scrubbing help get rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and soft. Always use a moisturizing face scrub or exfoliator to clean your face.

Step 4– Apply your serum again. Serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients that replenish your skin and keep it healthy. If you have dry skin, you may try serums with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. They will refresh your skin and keep it soft.

Step 5– Since it gets colder and the more humid at night, you need to apply night cream on your face. A good-quality moisturizing night cream can help repair and help your skin recover while you sleep. You need to choose a night cream based on your preferences.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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