Wrist Shot: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Latest Timepiece Is Rolex’s Most Expensive Watch Ever Produced

Claudio Villa/Getty

Watch enthusiasts were quick to spot a very interesting timepiece on Cristiano Ronaldo‘s wrist this past week. Spotted at the 14th Dubai International Sports Conference, Cristiano Ronaldo had on Rolex‘s GMT Master Ice (ref. 116769TBR), also known as Rolex’s most expensive watch ever offered to the public. Priced at $485,350 USD retail, the watch features 18-karat white gold and 30 carats of white diamonds.

The GMT Master Ice also sees a princess cut diamond bezel with baguette diamonds set into the bracelet; diamonds are also pavéd into the sides of the bracelet. The watch also utilizes Rolex’s older GMT movement, the Calibre 3186, which has a power reserve of 48 hours. Surprisingly, the watch keeps a high level of water resistance with a rated depth of 100 meters.

An interesting tidbit to share is regarding the price of Rolex factory-set diamond watches. If you were to set 30 carats of aftermarket diamonds on a similar template in stainless steel, like the ref. 116710 or even the 18-k ref. 116619 Submariner, the price of the watch would be roughly $50,000 USD. You’d be paying one-tenth the price, but then again, it wouldn’t be from Rolex.

Source: Hypebeast

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