Here’s How To Layer Your Clothes During The Harmattan Season!

This season is characterized by cold, dust, dryness, extremely hot and harsh weather, which is why you need to pay attention to the kind of outfits you rock.

To prevent your skin from getting flaky and scaly, you have to dress strategically and appropriately to accommodate the harsh and fluctuating weather. When you combine a good skincare routine with the right outfits, the weather has nothing on you. Take our word for it when we say layering is the best way to dress this season.

Layering always comes in handy as you throw on a tank top, jeans and cover it up with a warm coat. The advantage of rocking this style is that when it gets hot you can remove a part of the outfits without disrupting your look. Few fashion lovers have been able to master the art of ‘Layering’. One of those few people are ‘LovefromJulez’ who have been able to own this trend.

Click next to see some of the looks you can copy from her.


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