Beyonce’s Recap Video Is Proof She Never Came To Ghana

On Tuesday evening Beyonce shared her 2019 recap video and of course, naturally, we are starstruck because everything she does is nowhere near mediocre!!

The video is basically a montage of videos and photos of every major thing in her life all 2019 and there isn’t even a whiff of Ghana in there.

The music icon shared footage from Diddy’s birthday party, her husband’s birthday party, videos from the Lion King premiere, the Spirit video off the Lion King album and more.

She even gave us sneak peeks of her twins at their 2-year-old birthday party and of course, the mini icon, Blue Ivy was featured in several of these footages.

All December, rumours have been circulating on social media that Beyonce was either coming to Ghana or was already here. There were rumours that she was staying at the Kempinski hotel and some even said she was going to be the surprise act announced for Afrochella or Afronation.

Her mother found her way to Ghana and even though she also clearly came to jam on her own and even admitted that the Queen was nowhere near Ghana, we didn’t listen..we were still so hopeful but…take a look at the video:

If Beyonce was in Ghana, y’all better believe she would have put a bit of it in her video but…she didn’t.

We warned y’all several times that she wasn’t in Ghana but…y’all wouldn’t listen!


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