We’ve Found The Perfect Plug For All Your Fabric Needs!

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Ladies, gather around and let’s discuss something really important.

Aren’t we tired of wearing certain clothes and meeting 2 or more people in town with the same thing?

Lol. It’s quite depressing to see someone else wearing the same shadda as you at an event and sometimes you can’t even hide. What hurts kraa is when it’s obvious that they kiiillleedd the shadda more than you. *tears*

Lmao. Obviously we won’t bring up serious matters like these and not have a solution.

We’ve found the perfect fabric page to help you with your fabric needs; Rose Fabrics. Why are we talking about fabric and not other clothing shops? Well because currently, almost every clothing shop is selling the same type of clothes and you will definitely find your twinnie especially this Detty December.

You can always have those styles of clothes that are being sold everywhere and buy fabric to sew them. In doing this, you elevate yourself from being part of the everybody gang and start being different.

If you won’t get the fabric for yourself, get it for the female pillars in your life. We are sure they would love it.

They currently have the New Hitarget Collection which is selling at 12gh a yard and are doing a Free Delivery promo!!

You can find them on Instagram @rosefabricsgh

Let us know when you finally purchase from them.

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