Dopenation Really Did Kwesi Arthur Dirty In A Leaked Diss Track


Beefs add some spice to the music industry.

Who doesn’t like them?

In a fire song floating on Soundcloud, it looks like Dopenation has a beef with Kwesi Arthur.

It’s actually a huge surprise because…who knew that Dopenation would beef Kwesi Arthur? What led to this? What is going on??

We really aren’t sure what led to this but hey… we will worry about that later.

The track titled Chairman was released this morning on several SoundCloud accounts, none of which is Dopenation’s actual account.

The song started like any regular song about artistes just feeling themselves and throwing shade to haters until they started the direct jabs. Once they started, they made no attempt to stop! Line after line was straight and direct to their target…Kwesi Arthur.

Dopenation dragged Kwesi Arthur from his hair (which was rumoured to have been dyed) to his music (dem say it no be hard kraaa), down to the love his fans have for him which they said was all because people felt sorry for him and were just being sympathetic.

Whatever Kwesi Arthur did, we know that they are accusing him of fearing the fact that someone else (Dopenation) was taking the shine and was probably trying to sabotage them because he is scared that his “career go fade like his haircut”

They added that the difference between him and someone on the streets was his fame and not his verses and left us with these words to think about:

“You can’t even free yourself but you want to free the youth”

We would type out all the words that slapped us in the face but that will mean writing the whole lyrics to the song.

Honestly, the song was brilliantly done. The wordplay was fire and we cannot help but be impressed!!!!!

While we wait for Kwesi Arthur’s response, listen to the song here:


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