Watch Rick Ross Bring CJ Biggerman On Stage At Detty Rave

After Rick Ross promised to perform with CJ Biggerman on the Detty Rave stage, he did as he did exactly as he said and brought out the Ghanaian artiste in the middle of his performance.

Rick Ross gave us a stellar performance, performing almost every song he’s been on. The throwbacks were crazy and when he paused to introduce CJ Biggerman, everyone screamed! 

CJ Biggerman definitely did Rick Ross and all of us proud. His performance was dope and he was able to engage the crowd even though most didn’t know his song.

It’s amazing what shooting your shot with confidence can do right? This will definitely be one of CJ Biggerman‘s most memorable days. 

It’s crazy to think that all he had to do was confidently stop Rick Ross right after he landed in Ghana with a freestyle. No introduction, no “I’m a big fan” …just freestyling loud enough for the American rapper to stop walking to his hotel, jam with him and put him on a show he wasn’t even billed to perform. 

Watch Rick Ross and CJ Biggermanat Detty Rave here:


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