Spicing Up Your Sex Life In 2020: Flip The Coin For Dominance

We understand that experimenting in the bed can get a little tricky if you are used to straight-up vanilla sex. If you have been trying to make things a little more erotic and enhance your sex life with your long-term partner, we are here to help you with the same. 

If you are not a fan of extreme experimentation, you are going to love this tip as it is all about changing the power dynamics in the bed. For example, If your partner usually initiates the sex, maybe it is time to take matters in your hand. 

You can begin by analyzing the power dynamics in your bedroom and understand who is slightly more submissive and who is on the dominant side. From blindfolds, tying down to spanking, there is something extremely sultry about unpredictability during sex. Since, most people enjoy a certain level of dominance and submission on the bed, here is how you can make things a little more erotic. 

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Flip a coin to decide who will act as the dominant partner for the hot and heavy session for the night. It will help you both take the sexual encounter on a completely different level as one partner will be in the control and the other one can be a little more submissive than usual.

This change in power dynamics is bound to turn on the heat, especially if you have never experimented with submission and dominance act. You can begin by taking things slow and adjust your pace (both verbal and physical) keeping in mind the comfort of your partner. 

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It is important to remember: 

As always, your partner’s consent is extremely important and it is important to know your boundaries. You can also coin a “safe word” which will help in letting you both know when to stop or take things slow. Keep following the sex tips and you never know when you tear away all the inhibitions and pave your way to freaky and mind-boggling sex.

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