Here’s How To Make Your Relationship ‘The Gift’ This Christmas Holidays

The holidays become hectic very quickly and if you’re not prepared, you can find your schedule swamped with everything from Christmas bazaars, school and church play with the kids, work parties, family parties and the list goes on.

Add on top of these your gift shopping and other holiday traditions, and you might feel like you’re swimming upstream against a social tsunami. It’s hard to say no and still be in the “spirit of the season”, but where does it end? Do you and your partner even have a small moment together in the midst of all of this chaos?

We can often overextend ourselves simply because we’re unable to say “no” and many of us fall victim to the idea that busy is better, and we must shop and buy, and spend all our spare time being involved in the holiday “rush”. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Here are some things that you can work on this holiday season to improve your relationships, your outlook, and the level of enjoyment of your holidays.


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