December Born Women Less Likely To Die From Cardiovascular Diseases: Study

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Were you shocked to read the headline? So were we. But this is not the first time that studies have correlated mortality and cardiovascular disease with the time of birth.

A recent study analyzed the data from the “Nurses’ Health Study”. The results proved there is a correlation between birth month and cardiovascular disease mortality. The study also concluded that women who were born in December have a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases than women who were born between March and July.

The study

The study involved data from 116,911 women, who worked as nurses. The research analysed the overall mortality and deaths specifically due to cardiovascular disease.

One of the biological hypotheses for the correlation between cardiovascular disease and the season in which a person was born was the possible vitamin D deficiency at birth, which varies according to the birth month.

The study constructed three multivariable models, which allowed closer investigation of the risk factors including age, socioeconomic factors and physical fitness.


43,248 deaths were recorded in 38 years, out of which 8,360 deaths were associated with cardiovascular disease. While no correlation was found between overall mortality and the birth month of the person.

However, mortality associated with cardiovascular disease was higher among women born in Spring and Summer than women who were born in Autumn and Winter. The lowest mortality rate was among women born in December and the highest among the ones born in April.

The study included only women, but the experts assume the results may turn out to be the same for men as well.


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