Medikal Promises To Help Young Rapper Who Was Embarrassed On Stage At Shay Concert


Ask every upcoming musician and they will tell you how hard it is, getting the chance to perform on any stage.

Upcoming artistes usually experience some sort of humiliation way too many times and for this particular artiste, we know he wouldn’t forget this experience.

The artiste who Celebrities Buzz called Zico Ranking, was called to perform at Wendy Shay’s concert and right in the middle of his performance, a man, identified as Abass rudely snatched the mic from the rapper’s hand just because Article Wan was ready to perform.

Celebrities Buzz reported on their Instagram account that the rapper was seen shedding tears over the embarrassment and disrespect.

The post read: “Just because Article Wan Was Coming To Perform, One Rufftown Records boys disrespected, disgraced, & lowered a talented Underground Artist To Zero.
One Abbass pulled his microphone from his hand while performing on stage & gave it to Article Wan even after @dannybeatzgh introduced him as pure talent.

This was the most painful moment I witnessed at the mega-concert yesterday. I saw the boy weeping right from then till his team drove him off.”

Note that the sound was already terrible and the crowd could barely hear the boy.

Fortunately, Medikal who saw the video is on a fervent search for the young rapper.

He has promised to record a song with Zico and shoot a music video which he will fund.


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