First-Year Students At Ashesi University Build Drones As Their End Of Semester Project


First-year students at Ashesi University have built their first-ever drones.

The engineering class of the class of 2023, built delivery drones from scratch. In freshman year, engineering students take a course called Introduction to Engineering; where they are introduced to the various aspects of the engineering programme offered at the institution; Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering majors.

This academic year, students were put to the challenge. They had to build functional delivery drones and they had to do this for their first-semester project in their Introductory to Engineering class. They had to learn the concept of design and 3D printing and use that concept in printing out the parts of their drones, as well as build the circuit boards and software components to power the device.

The challenge for the class was drawn from the mining industry, with a scenario based around mineral sample retrieval from remote mining concessions.

Below is a short video of how this was done.

Congrats to the 2023 engineering class.


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