Supercharging Your Sex Life 2020: Tip Number 2, Start Talking Dirty

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To up your game in-between the sheets, it is time to master one of the most effective tools of seduction–dirty talking. If you are new to dirty talking, it can be certainly a little tricky to learn but its impact is bound to blow your (and your partner’s) mind.

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Tip 2: Time to talk dirty

Dirty talks can involve asking your partner to do certain things to you or the things that you want to do to them (or with them). Using the right kind of dirty talk has the capacity of making your partner think about you all day long and create that tangible sexual tension.

From dropping little hints about what you are planning to do when he/she gets back home to describe what you are doing with yourself right now, dirty talking can help in building that irresistible sexual heat.

1. Take it slow

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Remember to introduce dirty talks slowly in your relationship, rather than startling your partner with it. This is especially important if you are not someone who has ever talked dirty, as it may not come naturally to you or it may make things awkward. So, avoid saying anything which is out of your comfort range and too explicit.

Slowly, pave way for intense and hardcore stuff over time. Let your guards down and begin talking like “I love it when you do…” or “I want you to…”

2. Start whispering

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There is no denying that there is something innately sexy about whispering. So, when you are not texting explicit stuff to your partner, put your mouth close to your partner’s ear and start whispering sweet nothings. It is bound to send tingles down his/her spine and is the easiest way to explain whatever you are feeling. You can whisper stuff like “I like it when you…” or “I really love it when you…”

3. Adapt to the taste

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Once you get the hang of talking dirty, adjust your vocabulary and tone to what excites you the most. You can go as filthy and dirty as you and your beau like or you can keep things sweet and seductive. You can also use your body language to make an even hardcore impact and drive your partner crazy.


You can begin the talks in the comfort of your bedroom and take it outside whenever you feel comfortable. From descriptive instructions, while having sex to making your fantasies come true, dirty talking can actually go a long way in keeping that spark alive in the bedroom. Do not forget to follow sex tip number 1 and 2 as you move forward.


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