All You Need To Know About The Shatta Wale vs Ibrah Saga

We are pretty sure a lot of you have seen a lot of screenshots and stories going around about an alleged beef between Shatta Wale and Ibrah and you cannot make any meaning out of it right?

Some of you cannot even figure out how we got here right??

Well take a seat, grab a cold drink and let us break it down for you.

So in the beginning, one individual decided to threaten Ibrah with some supposed nude photos. The guy asked Ibrah to pay some money or else he was going to release nude photos of him.

Ibrah said “weytin man no see before post am ano care” (no he didn’t say those exact words but you get it right??)

He basically called the guy’s bluff and someway somehow the “nude” pictures were leaked and Ibrah came to give a whole explanation about how they were old pictures blah blah blah

Now in the midst of all of this, you would expect that he will keep a low profile but noooooo…. uncle now went to buy brand new 2020 G- Wagon.

And out of nowhere here comes Shatta Wale who already has a problem with Ibrah because of all the things he said about NAM1 during the Menzgold period.

Shatta Wale saw the whole nude saga as an opportunity to get back at Ibrah for the “hurtful” words he threw at his boss. So he also said a few “hurtful” ones of his own.

And this was the trigger Ibrah needed to release supposed “keys” he had about Shatta Wale. Let us not be the ones to tell you, please. Read all of it below

And did you really expect Shatta Wale to be quiet after all this??? LMAO then clearly you don’t know who he is. He also dropped his “Keys” lol

Eiiiiiii wawu…. that’s a lot of information.. we really wish we could end here but Michy really needed to have the last say ..after all her name has been mentioned hasn’t it?

All too soon we have come to the end of all this brouhaha.

We hope it all makes sense now. Trust that as soon as we get an update we will let you know.


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