Oswald: The Young Banker Who Changed The Face Of Sports Betting In 24 Hours

Oswald - 'The Bet Predictor'

Twitter has been all about Oswald for about 24 hours now.

People have been engaging in sports betting for years now, but a certain guy named Oswald has made more people interested after he made some accurate predictions this week. He has actually changed lives in 24 hours!

On his profile on Twitter, Oswald describes himself as “Not an Osofo, a Banker, Digital Solutions Architect, Budding Lawyer, Rapper and Businessman.”

Well, in addition to the numerous stuff that he does, Oswald is now a ‘bet god.’

Oswald predictions this week have all been accurate and all the people on Twitter who consulted him won the bets they staked. He also shared the slips on Twitter. He has made about GHC3,000 in 3 days… yeah, GHC3,000 in 3 days!!!


After successfully predicting, more people got to know about him and started consulting him. So, Oswald had to create a Telegram account where he could share his predictions for people to stake.


Oswald has somehow benefited from being a ‘bet god’. His following on Twitter has spiked up in just 24 hours. He has earned about 33,000 more followers. He currently has 45.5K followers… We guess he will have about 60K in the next 12 hours… yeah!

He is also a darling boy now. Many are hailing him and urging him to run for the presidency.


There have been testimonies too;


But after all this, Oswald still needs to prove that he is actually a ‘bet god’ with his Europa League prediction.

But in the meantime, let’s all pray for Oswald;


source: kuulpeeps.com

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