#FrytolToTheRescue: How To Get A Free Christmas Feast Cooked For You This Szn

Few things hurt as deep as a cooking disaster. When your cooking fails, it is an embarrassment you can’t come back from especially when the whole family was counting on you for something sumptuous.

Rice can turn into rice water, jollof can turn into omotuo, or even Nigerian jollof. Sometimes you leave your plantain on the fire too long or you pour too much salt into your food. It’s even worse when it’s your friends or in-laws that you end up disappointing.

But… cooking fails can be very hilarious too.

Which is why Frytol is interested in your stories!

What’s your worst cooking fail?

If you won’t tell us, at least tell FrytolOil and let them come to your rescue this Christmas as they bring you chefs to cook you a Christmas feast free of charge!

Share your cooking fail story on social media, tag Frytol Oil (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), hashtag #FrytolToTheRescue and you could be one of the lucky people whose family Christmas meal will be cooked by chefs from Frytol’s Enriching Lives Show, the biggest reality cooking show in Ghana.

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