Bleeding Reactions After People Lost The Oswald Inspired Bet.

Oswald - 'The Bet Predictor'

Yesterday, Ghanaian youth were convinced that the Lord has given them a saviour in the form of a young Twitter user, Oswald. 

At this point, we believe everyone has heard the name Oswald.

After winning bets consistently all week and sharing his bet slips on Twitter, on Wednesday, lots of people DMed him and followed his predictions. 


And that’s how the whole of GH decided Oswald was the way to instant cashouts! 

Oswald created a group on Telegram where he promised to drop odds for every match (Everyone in Ghana is there by the way) and all day yesterday, the anticipation for his wisdom was evident in everyone’s face, comment, everywhere!

He finally dropped his tips and we know almost everyone staked without questioning even though some had reservations 

People lost.

They lost terribly! 

First-time betters were confused! Lol

People’s big plans with what they hoped to win got shattered!

But at the end of it all, Oswald had something to say


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