Man Becomes The World’s Worst Tennis Player After Failing To Get A Point In A Game

credit: The Sun

Ukraine’s Artem Bahmet is being dubbed the worst tennis player in the world after an incredible performance at a Futures tournament in Doha.

Bahmet was attempting to qualify for the event proper in his match against Thailand’s Krittin Koaykul.

But he never got close to winning… in fact, he rarely got close to the ball, swinging wildly and taking swipes at fresh air regularly throughout the match.

Anyone can sign up to play in qualification for a Futures event for just £27 – but Bahmet may be regretting wasting his pennies.

The Ukrainian lost all 48 points – a “golden match” – in the 6-0 6-0 defeat.

The winner of the tournament itself will pocket a £2,000 share of the £11,500 pot.

Even qualifying for the main draw would have seen him more than quadruple his money with £118.

But Bahmet never came close – and Twitter loved it.

One user wrote: “Looks like I still have a chance to start my tennis career right about now!”

Another said: “Interesting level of tennis in the first round of qualifying for this Doha Futures 15k event!”

A third even added: “I play better drunk!”

One said: “Was that a professional tennis match?”

Watch the match below:

source: The Sun

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