How Cardi B Saved Her Own Show At The Stadium

Cardi B finally arrived for her concert in Ghana.

After months of waiting… she finally came and she gave a terrific performance!!

Cardi B performed almost every song she has… from the popular hits like “Bodak Yellow” and “I Like it” to her very first songs such as “Lick” She even performed songs she was featured on! From “Girls like you” to Bruno Mars’s “Finesse Remix”, Cardi gave us the whole okurr experience with 90% of her songs! 

Cardi B Draper in the GH flag

Her stage presence, the twerking (because… Cardi B) everything was perfect and if you saw the crowd’s reaction, you wouldn’t think for a second that minutes ago, they were bored and throwing bottles on stage.

The whole show started quite well with the DJs (Dj Loft, Vyrusky) doing a great job at keeping everyone entertained. The MCs diligently kept the hype up and were changed faster and more often than the artistes scheduled to perform. 

Lyrical Joe, Dahlin Gage and others were well received by the crowd. There were no awkward performances from upcoming acts… everyone that came on had music people knew and even if they didn’t, the artistes were engaging enough to get everyone dancing, shouting or learning their lyrics. The show could have easily been memorable if the lights had not stopped working for close to two hours. 

Guru performed in darkness but once his old hits came on, everyone jammed. The DJs did their best to keep people entertained but we guess if you can’t see enough to update your snap, what’s the point?? 

The lights came on long enough for us to be blown away by Eno Barony’s amazing intro. Sis has got bars and needs to keep giving us more hard rap and less commercial music (but hey… she’s got to pay bills). Nigeria’s Seyi Seyi was amazing as well… her performance was great and her dancers were excellent and after everyone got excited over her performance… the technical difficulties returned… for hours.

The crowd understandably got fed up with the different MCs promising to bring Cardi B and then switching to “All I Do is win” for the hundredth time. 

Honestly, no one really believed Cardi was coming on stage until her dancers walked up and then… the crowd went wild!!! 

Dressed in the Ghana flag outfit, Cardi gave us her all and everyone enjoyed every bit of it even if they struggled to see. Fans got on chairs just to catch a glimpse and it was worth it. 

Cardi B performing

Cardi B saved her own show by giving an A1 performance and of course once she was done, the show ended for some but for others, they stayed on to watch Kofi Mole, Becca, Medikal and others pick up the pieces.


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