Twitter Reacts To Cardi B’s Strip Club Experience In Nigeria


Cardi B is in Africa for the first time! 

She’s set to perform in Nigeria tonight and in Ghana tomorrow and it looks like she is way too excited to be in Africa.

Yesterday, she landed in Nigeria and all she’s done is scream “It’s m*th*rfck*ng Nigeriaaaaaaa!!”

Yes, sis is excited and her Instagram is proof! She kept saying she wanted to experience Nigeria in all its entirety and… she got what she wanted. 

Last night, she was taken to a Nigerian strip club called Silver Foxx and whew…

Cardi B went ALL OUT! armed with a stack of cash (Naira not dollars) she made it flood in the club. 

Cardi who used to be a stripper before blowing up as a successful rapper showed everyone how to really enjoy strippers. She had her face all up in their bumbum, haven’t the time of her life! 

This is what Twitter had to say lol:

Cardi B will be performing in Ghana tomorrow at the Accra Sports Stadium. We are really curious how her GH experience will be like.


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