Tulenkey Saved December With This Crazy New Anthem!

Tulenkey dropped this hot freestyle yesterday featuring Titan

Tulenkey keeps chooking people unprovoked smh.

First, he poured out the secrets of Fvck Boys and now, he’s targeting the godly and faithful women of Ghana (the cheaters…he’s on to y’all!!!)

The rapper has a habit of breaking the internet with freestyles and new music after weeks of hibernation and lol we don’t hate it one bit.

Yesterday, Tulenkey started our day with a new freestyle, ‘Your Girlfriend’ and…no words!! The track is a jam and now we want a feature with Wanlov, Joey B, Lil Shaker or maybe even Sister Derby because honestly, these are the people who can add to the vibe in the song.

Just like ‘Fvck Boys anthem’, this song is destined to go viral. Actually, this song is definitely the Christmas jam we have been waiting for and while we are at it, can we talk about how dope Fimfim the producer is? He did a badass job on the production!

The video that came with the freestyle makes the song even more enjoyable. The guys in the video, including Tulenkey, obviously had fun creating the song and the foolery…lol we cannot deal!

Reactions to the song have been amazing so far!

Get the song on Apple Music, Soundcloud or watch on YouTube here:

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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